Relax for Birth provides The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme Hypnobirthing sessions for pregnant couples, both one-to-one and group sessions in Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex & Berkshire. The focus being, to promote relaxation during pregnancy and childbirth. 

Wendy is a Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Qualified Midwife and trained Doula and also offers Antenatal Preparation classes and Doula Support.

You have just taken the first important step towards having a calm, comfortable and enjoyable birthing experience for you and your baby.  A complete antenatal programme for a calm, comfortable, relaxed birthing wherever you decide to birth your baby - at home, a Birthing Centre, your local hospital, in a birthing pool, even a planned C-Section.

The practice of Hypnobirthing gives women the tools and the confidence to return to the art of birthing naturally. Women are able to call on their own natural birthing instincts, and experience a level of relaxation and calm, which allows them to have a much more comfortable, enjoyable and natural birthing experience.

You already have the perfect system of giving birth present  in your body.  This perfect system is overseen and influenced by your subconscious mind.  It is evident that the subconscious mind can be disrupted by a life time of negative images and fears of birth that negatively impact on the body’s ability to do what it is perfectly designed to do.  Hypnobirthing helps you release the fears and gives you the tools so that your body can give birth efficiently and comfortably in the way it is designed to do.

The combination of easy to learn methods of breathing and deep relaxation and visualisation's, combined with positive thought and language, reduce stress, anxiety and fear and, as a result reduce pain. Releasing fear is fundamental to the success of Hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing acknowledges the importance of the father’s role and gives him a specific role which brings the couple closer together and gives him the knowledge that he was an important part of how his baby entered the world, thus deepening the bond with his child.

Have a look at the birth stories of new parents on the website to understand how hypnobirthing enabled them to have a positive birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing - The Benefits

Clinical research has shown that women who use hypnosis report:
  • A shorter first stage of labour, often by several hours or more
  • Elimination or significant reduction of pain, less need for drugs or chemical pain relief 
  • Less medical interventions
  • Significantly fewer caesareans and surgical births
  • By choosing Hypnobirthing you are much more likely to have happier and more satisfying birth experience.
Other benefits for mums, dads and babies include:
  • A more relaxed and enjoyable pregnancy.
  • Quicker postnatal recovery 
  • A special, integral role for the birthing partner 
  • Babies that tend to be more alert and content and who enjoy better sleeping and feeding patterns.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn that are not covered in most antenatal classes:

  • To explode the myth that pain is a necessary accompaniment to natural labour.
  • To control your body’s own natural relaxant, the only safe labour enhancement.
  • To breathe effectively (and it's not the panting that most people think they have to do).
  • To birth your baby without the need for forced pushing.

What you’ll learn through Hypnobirthing is how you can have a natural birth, without drugs...with significantly less fear and anxiety …and usually little or greatly reduced pain. We can't promise you a 'perfect' or pain free birth - no one can - but we can help you have a much calmer more comfortable and positive birth.

Hypnobirthing … promoting a positive, calm & intuitive pregnancy & birthing experience